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Welcome to the wood fountain pen site. There are many great fountain pens - Aurora, Cross, Conklin, Delta, Mont Blanc, Namiki, Parker, Pelikan,  S T Dupont, Visconti, Waterman to name a few. I have owned or own many of the brand names. I love them all. I started making fountain pens myself awhile back. There is nothing like the feeling (for me) to make a high quality wood fountain pen. To me it is a functional work of art. Maybe it is the primal desire to make something from scratch. I have an attorney as one of my friends. He told me the story of how he hasn't used his Mont Blancs much anymore after getting several of my pens. That in itself made my day but he continued on about how he was in the middle of a court case and the judge stopped him and asked about one of MY pens! That was just icing on the cake. That is the reason I make high quality wood fountain pens...I love that "wow factor." It drives me. 

I welcome you to come take a look at my pens. I hope you like them. 

Mike (Trobee)

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wood handcrafted quality fountain pen

This handcrafted fountain pen is high quality fine writing instrument. Made of pure Amboyna Wood (burl), this fine writing instrument has an exceptional artistic quality to it. This quality fountain pen was handcrafted on a lathe and made by hand in the Trobee Pen Studio (by Mike Trobee).

quality handcrafted wood fountain pen
fountain pen with case

Nib on Fountain Pen
Handmade Pen