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Which fountain pen is right me?   

 There are so many different manufactured fountain pen brands. There are many great fountain ink pens available today. As a gift a handmade fountain pen is a perfect alternative to a store brand. A good handmade custom fountain pen usually costs $75-$350, so there is a wide range to select. The fountain pen that is best for you is the one you like best. You may read many different views on which is the best fountain pen for you based on size and weight but the truth of the matter is no one but you knows what you like the best.   

The right fountain pen

 The great thing about fountain pens is they come in many different styles and colors. They generally are customizable meaning you can change the nib size and the fountain pen ink. Nibs range from extra fine to italic. The nib is what determines how the pen ink is spread on the paper. An ink pen that is custom is a wonderful way to enhance the writing desk of someone special. A custom fountain pen is something special someone will remeber for their entire lives. A Parker pen while a fine writing instrument is made in a factory. A custom handmade fountain pen is made by one person who put time and effort into that one pen. What is a wood fountain pen worth? A custom handmade pen is priceless because it carefully made by hand. Every detail, down to the selection of fountain pen ink is made by a real person. A fountainpen can be a treasured item for someone you know or for yourself.  

Handmade Fountain Ink Pen

 A fine handmade fountain pen gallery is featured at Pens by Trobee. I welcome you to take a look at the pens available for sale, pen cases and fountain pen ink. This site features high quality handcrafted pens of all shapes and sizes. There are a wide variety of fountain pens to suit any budget. Hopefully this site can answer the question, "which fountain pen is right for me?" Hopefully the fountain pen you select will inspire you to write!

wood fountain pen made by hand

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