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This majestic wood fountain pen is the one of the highest end handcrafted pens. It is the best of everything. Many hours of labor was put into this fine writing instrument. This wood fountain pen in the photos is the pen for sale. The box elder wood burl body was cut, drilled, shaped, sanded, micro sanded, polished and finished all by hand. It is an exhibition grade wood fountain pen.

I will be adding more pens for example as time goes by.  I have many more images of wood fountain pens as well as fountain pens made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, trustone, and other material. No matter what material I use quaility is my number one priority.  What woods do you like the best?

Cocobolo Wood
Wood Ink writing instruments
Wooden Pen
Yellow wood fountain pen
Blue Maple Pen
Box Elder Wood Fountain pen